That’ll Flat… Git It! – vol.29 ( CD )


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Various – That’ll Flat Git It!: Vol.29 –  BCD 17564
Rockabilly & Rock ‘n’ Roll From The Vaults Of Crest Records (CD)
1-CD-Album Digipak (4-plated) with 36-page booklet, 32 tracks. Playing time approx. 70:36 minutes.

1:    Skinny Jim                                    Eddie Cochran                                               
2:    I.O.U.                                          Jack Lewis                                                    
3:    Let’s Coast Awhile                        Bo Davis                                                       
4:    You’ll Find Out                             Lynn Marshall                                                
5:    Stack-A-Records                         Tom Tall and his Tom Kats                            
6:    Been Gone A Long Time              Hank Sanders                                                
7:    Can You Bop                               Tom Wilson                                                   
8:    What I Like Most Of All               Don Thompson and The Desert Stars             
9:    Do I                                             Bill Dane with The Ragtime Rascals                
10: Drownin’ All My Sorrows             Bo Davis                                                       
11: Date Bait                                      Bill Skidmore III                                            
12: Ridin’ The Frets                            The Desert Stars                                            
13: Ballin’ Keen                                  Bobby and Terry Caraway and the Rockats   
14: Cool Juice                                    Tommy Law                                                  
15: Rock ‘N’ Roll Blues                      Norm Skylar                                                  
16: Someone To Love Me                  Jack Lewis                                                    
17: Lovin’ Lorene                               Glen Garrison & The Note Kings                   
18: Wild Man Wild                             Hal Jackson & The Chromatics                      
19: Can’t Walk ‘Em Off                      Marty Cooper                                               
20: Bumble Twist                                Phil Baugh                                                     
21: What Happened Last Night           Johnny Donn and the Jazz Rockers                 
22: Spotlight                                       Frank and Ernie                                             
23: The Grave                                    Tony Casanova                                              
24: Ummm / Kiss Me Goodnight         Buddy Lowe                                                  
25: I’m Out Of My Mind (Yea-Yea)   Bill Skidmore III                                            
26: Night Shift                                    Norm Skylar                                                  
27: Rockin’ And A-Rollin’                   Dick Bills                                                       
28: Yea! Yea! Come Another Day      Tony Casanova                                              
29: You Bet Your Little Life                Marty Cooper                                               
30: Mary Jo                                        Tom Tall                                                        
31: You’re My Darling                        Glen Garrison & The Note Kings                   
32: Tokyo Stomp                               Chuck Fayne                     

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