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Classic recordings 1956-59 (2-cd)


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Bear Family BCD 15525

Sonny Burgess: Classic Recordings 1956-59 (2-CD)

There’s nothing wilder in Fifties music than Sonny Burgess’s Sun recordings. The complete story is here in 54 incredible rafter shakin’, barn burnin’ cuts. Several of the original singles have been transferred from newly discovered master tapes for the first time, and we’ve even unearthed some previously unissued performances that had eluded previous researchers. Songs include ‘We Wanna Boogie’, ‘Red Headed Woman’, ‘Ain’t Got A Thing’, ‘Fannie Brown’, ‘My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It’, and ‘Mama Loochie’…… Rare photos from Sonny’s personal collection round out the set. – (BEAR FAMILY) 2-CD (57 tracks) & 32 page booklet.

CD 1:

1                The Prisoner’s Song (alt.1)

2                We Wanna Boogie (alt.3-actual take 1)

3                Red Headed Woman (alt.2)

4                The Prisoner’s Song (alt.2)

5                All Night Long

6                Life’s Too Short To Live

7                Restless

8                Ain’t Got A Thing

9                Daddy Blues (alt.2)

10              Fannie Brown (alt.2)

11              Ain’t Gonna Do It (alt.1)

12              Daddy Blues (alt.1)

13              Fannie Brown (alt.1)

14              You

15              One Broken Heart

16              Ain’t Gonna Do It (alt.2)

17              Hand Me Down My Walking Cane

18              Please Listen To Me (undubbed vers.)

19              Gone

20              Please Listen To Me (overdubbed recording)

21              My Babe

22              My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It (undubbed rec.)

23              Sweet Misery (undubbed master)

24              Whatcha’ Gonna Do

25              My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It (alt.)

CD 2:

1            Sweet Misery

2            Oh Mama!

3            Truckin’ Down The Avenue

4            So Glad You’re Mine -1

5            What’cha Gonna Do

6            Feelin’ Good

7            So Glad You’re Mine -2

8            One Night

9            Always Will

10          Little Town Baby

11          You’re Not The One For Me

12          Mr. Blues

13          Find My Baby For Me (false start)

14          Find My Baby For Me

15          Tomorrow Night

16          Tomorrow Never Comes (false start)

17          Tomorrow Never Comes

18          Skinny Ginny

19          So Soon

20          Mama Loochie -1

21          Mama Loochie -2

22          Mama Loochie -3

23          Itchy

24          Thunderbird

25          A Kiss Goodnite

26          Sadie’s Back In Town

27          Smoochin’ Jill

28          A Kiss Goodnite (alt.)

29          My Baby Loves Me



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