That ‘ll Flat Git It! – vol.27 ( CD )


From The Vaults Of Sage & Sand




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Various – That’ll Flat Git It!: Vol.27 – BCD 16838

Rockabilly & Rock’n’Roll From The Vaults Of Sage & Sand (CD)

1-CD-Album Digipak (4-plated) with 60-page booklet, 34 tracks. Playing time approx. 74 minutes.


1:    Yah! I’m Movin’                                                      Patton, Jimmy

2:    Tuscaloosa Lucy                                                      Pullen, Whitey

3:    Got The Best Of Me                                                Bowser, Donnie

4:    Walk My Way Back Home                                     Pullen, Whitey

5:    Watcha Do To Me                                                  Clark, Patsy

6:    Four Wheel Bugalow                                               Morris, Jack

7:    Let Me Slide                                                           Patton, Jimmy

8:    O. K. Doll, It’s A Deal                                             King, Joannie

9:    Teenage Queen                                                       Barron, Lonnie

10: Let’s All Go Wild Tonight                                        Pullen, Whitey

11: Honky Tonk Queen                                                 Thornton, Larry

12: I Wanta Be Free                                                      Harlene, Evelyn with Casey Cla

13: Lost John                                                                Clark, Casey & The Lazy Ranch

14: Drinkin’ Wine                                                          Pullen, Whitey

15: Climbing This Mountain                                           Fields, Goldie

16: Sadie Mae                                                               York, Rusty

17: Hey Baby                                                                Gabbard, Harley & Aubrey Holt

18: Love, Come Back To Me                                        Patton, Jimmy

19: Chatterbox                                                              Fields, Goldie

20: Knockin’ My Head (Against A Cold Stone Wall)     Lile, Bobby

21: Moonshine Liquor                                                   Pullen, Whitey

22: Cotton Pickin’ Ball                                                   Williams, Charlie

23: Crazy, Crazy Baby                                                  Howard, Chuck

24: Old Jealous Moon                                                   Fields, Goldie

25: Never No More                                                      Wally & Don

26: History                                                                    King, Joannie

27: So Wild Over You                                                  Smith, Herbie

28: Everybody’s Rockin’                                                Pullen, Whitey

29: Tennessee Hound Dog                                             Atchison, Tex

30: White Line                                                               Morris, Jack & His Night Owls

31: Open Up The Door                                                 Dean, Eddie & Joannie Hall

32: So What                                                                  Deal, Don

33: Please Don’t                                                            Wally & Don

34: Playing Guitar And Missing You                               Williams, Charlie


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