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The Complete Cochran Brothers


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( 2018 ) Bear Family 17565

The Cochran Brothers: The Complete Cochran Brothers (CD)

1-CD with 40-page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time c. 68 minutes.
• Hank and Eddie aka The Cochran Brothers with their complete duo and solo vocal performances and additionally as studio musicians.
• All the recordings feature both Hank and Eddie in the roll of vocalist and/or musician. 
• 30 tracks from a one-year period beginning April 1955 when the Cochran Brothers diverted from hillbilly towards rockabilly music. 
• Later, Hank stayed true to country music and Eddie became ‘something else’ musically! 

1:    Mr Fiddle

2:    Two Blue Singin’ Stars

3:    Your Tomorrows Never Come

4:    Guilty Conscience

5:    Rockin’ And Flyin’ (version

6:    Closer, Closer, Closer

7:    A Healer Like Time

8:    My Honest Name

9:    Walkin’ Stick Boogie

10: Rollin’

11: Cryin’ In One Eye

12: Broken-Hearted Fellow

13: Pink-Peg Slacks (version

14: Latch On (version

15: Heart Of A Fool

16: Yesterday’s Heartbreak

17: Latch On (version

18: My Love To Remember (version

19: He’s Graduating

20: Tired And Sleepy

21: Fool’s Paradise

22: Slow Down

23: Open The Door

24: I’m Ready

25: Pistol Packin’ Mama

26: I Won’t Be Number Two

27: Don’t Hold Her So Close

28: Every Dog Has His Day

29: Meet Me At Joes

30: Don’t Turn Away From Me


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